Payeer Reviews: Online Transactions Made Easy

Buying something on internet or sending money to a friend or relative is something that many people do not feel comfortable with. This is because they do not like the idea of entering their bank account details during such transactions as they consider them sensitive. But now you don’t have to worry about revealing your bank account number when receiving or sending money as there is your personal electronic wallet called Payeer. It is a company that allows anyone to send or receive money over internet and use Payeer account as his wallet containing electronic currency. If you read Payeer reviews, you get to know that this is one of the most popular electronic wallets used by a large number of people. If you have an account on Payeer, you can use it to make payment for using any service over internet.


Payeer reviews also tell that it is a very fast and convenient way of sending or receiving payment over internet. As Payeer is headquartered in Russia, Rouble is one the three currencies that can be kept inside this electronic wallet. The other two are the Greenback and Euros. In addition to its services as an E-wallet, Payeer also performs the function of a currency convertor to other payment processors.


It is not just common people who use Payeer as an electronic wallet. It is also seen on many websites as a payment processing system just like PayPal. Making an account on Payeer is absolutely free and there is no monthly charge or maintenance fee charged by the company. Payeer is applicable in all countries of the world. If you have an account, you get email support from the company on a 24X7 basis. You are charged 0.95% fee when sending money while there is no fee for receiving money from ethers.