Elf Names: A Fun Filled Tradition

Elf dolls are getting popular day by day. In United States and UK, kids love to have Elves, as the Christmas holidays approach. It’s becoming a fun filled tradition, to buy Elf, select elf names and later enjoy the activities of Elf during the holidays. What is Elf and how it is funny? Here is brief description.

Elf on the shelf, the book was launched in 2005. It revolves around the Elf, which is brought from the local market and placed on a central shelf in the house. The name of elf is selected from the Elf names. The elf keeps an eye on the children, if they are behaving properly or not. The elf goes back to North pole every night and report Santa about the kid’s behavior. Santa give gifts to only those kids, who behave properly. This is the basic theme of this tradition.

Before selecting the Elf names, children are told that they are not supposed to touch the doll, otherwise it will disappear. A lot of Elf names are available in Elvish Language. Every child can select its own name and later they can select the one name. These Elf names have no meaning in English language but when you will find the name, you can also find the meaning at the same place. Try to find a meaning full name, it will be easier to remember and will add something to the vocabulary of kids too.

Many people have not heard about it yet, but it’s a good idea to control the mischievous activities of the kids, for at least few days. If you haven’t tried it yet, try it on this Christmas. You can move the Elf to a new place, every night as Elf can land on a new place, when he comes back from the North pole.

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