Paintball Marker Hoppers: Load and Shoot

If you have seen your friends playing this exciting sport called Paintball and want to try your hands, it is better to learn the terminology used in it. Paintball marker is the term today being used for the paint gun itself. The reason why the gun is so called is because it is felt that gun sound like a weapon. Using the term Paintball markers helps in clearing the misconception that Paintball is a very dangerous game. But what are Paintball marker hoppers?

Paintball marker hoppers are one of the 4 important parts of a Paintball gun. These hoppers are crucial for the smooth operation of your gun. It is a hopper that continues to supply the paintballs to the marker where you can pull the trigger to shoot them. A hopper may be based upon gravity so that balls keep falling down into your market as you keep shooting. It is nothing but a container that holds the balls and feeds the market through a tube. Balls keep falling into this tube because of gravity. A gravity based hopper is the cheapest one available in the market. It can pose a problem of jamming of the balls which you can overcome by agitating the hopper.

A gravity based hopper can only supply 8 paintballs per second and you also face the problem of jamming. A better option for you are agitating Paintball marker hoppers. These hoppers are fitted with a propeller that keeps on agitating the balls so that they are continuously fed into your marker. This means these hoppers do not lead to the problem of jamming. With the help of such a hopper, you can hope to shoot as many as 50 Paintballs per second.

Make sure you remove broken paintballs that remain stuck insdie the barrel of the marker.



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