Oster vs. Andis Clippers: Compare to Choose the Best

Many dog owners shy away from buying dog clippers as they do not want to cause any harm to their beloved pets. It is a fact that there are many dog clippers being sold in the market that cause discomfort and pain to the dog when clipping his hairs. This is the reason you cannot take the risk of going to market and buying the first brand shown to you by the salesman, right? When it comes to quality, two brands that are universally accepted by dog owners and experts as best quality are Oster and Andis. Now that the choice is restricted now between Oster and Andis, it is time to find out which one of these two dog clippers is a better match for your dog. You need Oster vs. Andis clippers comparison in detail to find out which one will do the job easily and in satisfactory fashion in your case.


If you are concerned about the noise emission as your dog runs away hearing the sound of a dog clipper, it is better to go with Andis clipper. It has a very quiet operation whereas Oster clipper makes lots of noise during operation. Another big factor in favor of Andis clippers is their ability to remain cool even after running for several minutes. You don’t ant the clipper to become hot so as to cuse any discomfort to you or your beloved pet, do you? Andis is a clear winner on this cunt also. You can use it for long time periods clipping hairs of your dogs and it would not heat up easily.


If your dog has issues with the noise made by the clipper, you must buy Oster clipper. Andis is once aging the choice if you want a clipper that does not become overheated after use for several minutes. But you should buy Oster dog clipper if you are looking for a device that has a robust design.